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How They Did It: A Macedon Webinar Series

When selecting a new product, vendor, or consultant, what do most people look at to help make the decision? Reviews, right? People want to hear from real customers about their experience and see if this new product or service will ultimately make their life easier. Macedon created a similar experience with the How They Did It Webinar Series. This series goes in-depth with our customers and their automation projects within the financial, healthcare, and manufacturing industries highlighting how workflow automation played a huge role in scaling and making their business processes run more efficiently.

Most business processes are filled with repetitive, time-consuming, and error-prone tasks. Workflow Automation can eliminate this type of work, streamline operations, and give your company a competitive advantage. Whether you are looking for ways to improve your customer experience, decrease the time to market for new products or services, reduce compliance risk, or increase the quality and efficiency of business processes across your organization, automating workflows is where you start.

Our first webinar featured Pacific Life and CeramTec North America. This webinar touched the financial and manufacturing industries allowing both customers a chance to tell their stories about how automation affected their digital transformation journey. To view this webinar check out our YouTube Channel.

Planet Home Lending (PHL) was the featured guest on our second webinar in the series. During this webinar, PHL shared how automation improved turnaround time for their customers from 72 hours to 24 hours! If you are interested in watching this webinar, view it here.

Our most recent webinar had Sound Physicians share how they automated a key workflow, cutting the downtime for the process by 95%. Interested in a scalable and sustainable way to automate Billed Encounter data? Watch this webinar to hear how this data now updates daily rather than weekly, providing a better experience for Sound Physicians' clients.

Workflow automation is versatile and has proven to be invaluable for many different processes. At Macedon, we have automated thousands of workflows across multiple industries.

Implementing workflow automation into your business allows for accelerated processes, simplified tasks, and the ability to eliminate unnecessary manual work. Take back control over your business. If you watch any of the webinars above you are entitled to a no-cost

Workflow Performance Assessment (WPA). Additionally, if you have any questions about workflow automation, feel free to schedule a personal one-on-one informational session with one of our experts. Be sure to check out our events section to register for our next webinar. Want more insights from TechNest? Stay in the loop and subscribe to our magazine.


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