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Energy & Utilities

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Macedon Experience & Expertise

Energy and utility companies are facing challenges with the management of their facilities, including plants and refineries, because of legacy processes, risk, and change management. Although the tenured workforce is reluctant to embrace new technologies, those entering the workforce are looking at technology to drive change and efficiency while eliminating risk related to how work is accomplished.


Everything in the energy and utilities industry is process driven, so companies need a way to control maintenance costs by documenting and auditing daily operational procedures that sometimes shut down production.


At Macedon Technologies, we build systems that bring together technology, people, and processes. We help energy and utility companies simplify processes and meet industry standards through procedure-based solutions that support automation, reporting, and integration. Our solutions for energy and utilities companies enable them to leverage the asset-related data that is needed to make operational decisions.

Solutions and Accelerators

Idea to Launch - New Product Development

Manufacturing Change Control Management

Material Supply Management

Stage and Gate

Supply Planning and Operations

Turnaround Management

Turnarounds are necessary to ensure reliable asset performance and production integrity. However, turnarounds can be difficult to manage and interrupt production. The Macedon Turnarounds solution helps energy and utilities companies:

  • Respond to events faster

  • Reduce non-productive time between tasks (e-Permitting/LOTO)

  • Optimize resource allocation

  • Automatically report progress

  • Reduce time from defect identification to defect resolution

  • Improve collaboration

  • Capture and analyze relevant information and metrics

Field Service Scheduling

We use our significant experience in building scheduling software to develop a Field Service Scheduling application that enables energy and utility companies to gain visibility into available resources and approaching deadlines using a centralized scheduling view. Benefits of Field Service Scheduling include:

  • Visibility needed to prevent overbooking and double-scheduling

  • Increased resource utilization by efficiently spreading the workload across your team

  • On-time delivery through visibility of upcoming deadlines

  • Enhanced full-team schedule visibility, allowing use of preferred calendar application

  • Pipeline planning through job milestone completion tracking

  • Improved client satisfaction

  • Continuous value through agile delivery, allowing for rapid updates to match ever-changing business rules and logic

Industry Use Cases

  • Grid Management and Control

  • Asset Management and Maintenance

  • Compliance and Regulatory Reporting

  • Renewable Energy Integration

  • Customer Billing and Service Provision

  • Demand Response Management

  • Environmental Monitoring and Compliance

  • Supply Chain Management

  • Emergency Response and Disaster Recovery

Success Stories

Electricity Service Delivery: Transforming the Transmission Rights Auction System

A contract packaging firm faced scalability challenges as it expanded its operations. As the company transitioned to a schedule and opened new facilities, they struggled with process inefficiencies and a lack of visibility into business operations.

Critical Manufacturing: From White Board to App in 8 Weeks

CeramTec North America LLC (CTNA) initiated a Digital Transformation to overcome limitations in their outdated IT systems, starting with the replacement of a deteriorating enterprise software platform. The legacy system hosted critical processes and document management, proved cumbersome for users and unmanageable for administrators. Macedon Technologies successfully implemented a comprehensive solution using the Appian platform within an aggressive five-month timeframe, transforming the application ecosystem into an intuitive, reliable, and automated system.

IT modernization leads to increased productivity for a global manufacturer

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Appian Solutions for the Energy & Utilities Industry

With 15 years of experience in delivering industry-specific solutions, Macedon Technologies has developed a leading asset repository for the Appian Partner community. We help Energy & Utility companies extend Appian’s capabilities to support their use cases, including revenue generation; customer service; upstream, midstream, and downstream operations; and safety, risk, and compliance. Our Appian solutions help Energy & Utility companies grow their business, manage revenue, increase operational efficiency, and meet compliance.

In partnership with Macedon Technologies, companies in the Energy & Utilities industry can use Appian to automate processes related to:

  • Operational Effectiveness

  • Corporate Services

  • Safety, Risk, & Compliance

  • Upstream & Midstream Operations

  • Downstream Operations

  • Business Growth & Commodity Management

  • Asset Efficiency

Blog Post

Stop Circling Back and Start Moving Forward with Stage and Gate

In the world of high-stakes, high-significance business decisions, no one wants to end up in a scenario where needs go unmet or money is lost because of a lack of due diligence. But building consensus, assembling committees, and collecting approvals can be a time-consuming and exhausting process with dire consequences if done incorrectly.


Scrap those ever-expanding to-do lists of emails and meetings for Macedon Technologies’ Stage and Gate solution so you can spend more of your time and energy on the high-value activities that grow your company.

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Simplify Energy & Utilities

Simplify Energy & Utilities
How They Did It: Global Operations Unified into One Centralized System

How They Did It: Global Operations Unified into One Centralized System

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Tired of outdated work? You're not alone. We can help.

Tired of outdated work? You're not alone. We can help.

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Material Supply Management (MSM)

Material Supply Management (MSM)

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