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Macedon Experience & Expertise

Recently Biotech, Pharma, Healthcare, and Medtech organizations were thrusted into Digital Transformation. Having a fully integrated, enterprise-level digital ecosystem has become an absolute necessity. Within the Life Sciences & Pharmaceuticals industries, we also supported healthcare providers, medical device companies, and healthcare analytics organizations. 

  • Anti-Bribery and Corruption & Sunshine Act

  • Safety Information Tracking and Management

  • Labeling Process and Material Management

  • Study Design and Execution Lifecycle

  • Change Control Management

  • Global Contracting Agreements

  • Sales board review

  • Revenue Recognition and Billing Management & Chargebacks

  • Cash-in / Cash-out

  • IT Applications Management

Case Studies


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Modernizing the user
experience and reducing
wasted hours

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White Paper

How low-code powered solutions solve high-risk problems in healthcare

Blog Post

SPAR: A Work Management Tool Flexible Enough for the Modern Team

As digital transformation moves more and more into the spotlight for companies seeking to stay competitive, the effects are being felt beyond just the computer screen. The rate of change is accelerating, and small, and large teams are feeling the pressure to work effectively and efficiently. Gone are the days when a one-size-fits-all approach to project management could be applied to every team within an organization.

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Regulatory Change Control Management

Managing change across any organization is challenging: manual tools make it difficult to collect information about proposed changes, while siloed systems hide this information, frustrating reporting efforts.

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