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Macedon’s Turkey Donation Drive

We are officially entering the holiday season! Throughout the year, Macedon is an active community member and takes part...

Macedon Technologies recognized as a UiPath Gold Partner

Macedon Technologies (Macedon), is proud to be recognized as a UiPath Gold partner.





Digital Transformation with Data Warehousing

Digital Transformation with Data Warehousing

Businesses today face difficult challenges when trying to make important decisions, often relying on great amounts of data.

Data Governance Maturity

Data Governance Maturity

When organizations have complex application ecosystems, they can often face challenges with data management.

Modern DevOps for Low-Code

Modern DevOps for Low-Code

The modern DevOps pipeline has revolutionized how low-code platforms can automate otherwise rigorous tasks and allow for streamlined, consistent delivery.




Macedon Technologies Webinar 

 |  Speakers:

Preparing for your Digital 
Transformation Journey

Stacey Wright

Colin Schoenfelder

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