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Curious how Macedon simplifies work?  Reach out for a complimentary assessment

At Macedon, we've been simplifying work and how businesses operate since our founding in 2009. We lead the way in Intelligent Automation solutions, looking beyond requirements, asking probing questions, and challenging assumptions to build the right tools for our clients. 


We simplify success with our unique hybrid roles, our extensive service offerings, and our expertise.  Our experts have completed over 600 successful engagements for over 100 clients, including Fortune 500 and other large enterprises, small and medium-sized businesses, and federal and state government agencies.


Listed as a Washington Post Top Place to Work, Macedon has received many awards since its founding, including the recent Appian North American Reseller of the Year Award.

“…We have experienced an enormous boost in our productivity thanks to our collaboration with Macedon…”

 VP of Commercial Rehab 

Our Mission

Our mission is to simplify work by simplifying process.  We make success simple.


Our Values


We never stop learning.


We push the limits of what is possible.


We raise the standards with everything we do.


We celebrate wins.


We are mindful of others.


We conduct ourselves honestly and ethically.


We hold ourselves accountable.


We grow stronger together.

Meet Our Leaders


Austin Rosenfeld

Founder, Chief Executive Officer


Mark Garvey

Chief Operating Officer

Andrew Gramann 400x400pix.jpg

Andrew Gramann

VP of Professional Services


Stacey Wright

Senior Director of Strategic Initiatives


Michelle Kane

Senior Director of Human Resources


Colin Schoenfelder

Director of Professional Services

Martin Espinola author.jpg

Martin Espinola

Director of Professional Services

Ryan bw_edited.jpg

Ryan Byrne

Sales Director

Seth Pfaltzgraff Trees bw_edited.jpg

Seth Pfaltzgraff

Sales Director

Our Technologies

At Macedon, we hand-select a small number of leading technologies and develop deep expertise. We leverage each platform to create highly integrated solutions, taking advantage of each tool’s strengths to simplify work. 

We’re specialists, not generalists.
Appian 2021 (white-transparent field).jp
Appian Premier Partner: Full-lifecycle System Development

As a Premier Appian Partner, Macedon has a track record of over 600 successful Appian engagements for over 100 clients, including Fortune 500 and other large enterprises, small and medium-sized businesses, and federal and state government. Regardless of where you are in your intelligent automation journey, our experts can lead you to success with the Appian AI Process Platform.

Industry-Specific Solutions

At Macedon, we have leveraged our experience in delivering general and industry-specific solutions over the last ten years to develop a leading asset repository for the Appian Partner community. Our multiple components and accelerators help jump-start development and utilities, extending what Appian supports out-of-the-box. They are available at Appian’s AppMarket.


We offer full-lifecycle system development, including discovery, architecture, analysis, design, implementation, integration, testing, deployment, and change management to ensure business acceptance and adoption of the new application. Finally, because the business doesn’t stop changing just because a project is finished, we offer support and sustainability to provide incremental changes to extend the long-term value of the application for the business.

Certified Appian Expertise

Macedon has deep expertise in Appian development. Our new hires achieve Associate Developer status for Appian within a week of completing their bootcamp coursework, and 95% of our team holds the Lead Developer certification, the highest level of Appian certification. Macedon participated in helping build the Senior Developer and Lead Developer exam, as well as beta testing all three levels. When additional credentialing opportunities become available, Macedon has always been the first to achieve the credential.

100% Appian certified.

95% have the highest certification offered by Appian.

macedon page icon.png


Delivery Suite


Curious how Macedon uses Appian to simplify work?  Reach out for a complimentary assessment

Hybrid consulting for your value business

Macedon’s AI-powered UiPath Business Automation Platform practice is designed to turbo-charge your intelligent automation initiatives. Our team will lead you throughout your RPA+AI journey, but our UiPath practice isn’t just about building bots. Our hybrid consulting teams factor in business value, time-to-market, technical fit, and long-term sustainability to craft integrated automation solutions that increase productivity, capture ROI quickly, and grow your business.


For customers that see the value of RPA but aren’t sure how to get started, we leverage our extensive background with automation projects to guide you through common use cases and help you select your first bots. Once you’ve built your business case, our Automation Architects, trained and certified in UIPath infrastructure, will install and configure your environments and help you craft your technical roadmap setting you up for long-term success and growth.

Our RPA services include discovery, installation, architecture, implementation, enablement, and continuous improvement.

Our unique approach allows you to capture value while building your roadmap. We bring on highly skilled consultants that tackle those early use cases while enabling your teams on the technology. Many of our customers find they are able to take significant automation development internally, leaving only the most complex unattended automation to our team.


macedon page icon.png

Automate KYC with RPA to accelerate account opening


Curious how Macedon uses UiPath to simplify work?  Reach out for a complimentary assessment

Accelerate application delivery by building APIs

Organizations use many different technologies that all need to share data. By centralizing those integrations into one place, connections are quicker to create, can be reused, and are easier to change over time. Mulesoft makes that even easier with pre-built assets for many common technologies. For systems custom to your organization, Mulesoft allows you to quickly build APIs using a wide range of designs and industry-standard protocols.


Automate data transformations, easily build test harnesses and quickly deploy modifications to your APIs and integrations with built-in support for Maven and Jenkins CI/CD pipelines.

Recurso 3.png
Comprehensive management of your APIs and services

Manage everything in one place using a secure and enterprise-scale platform.  Leverage analytics to monitor performance and guide decision-making for enhancing integrations.

Design, develop, and deploy from a single environment
  • Design APIs to meet the needs of any integrating system

  • Test and validate API functionality with built-in mocking service

  • Automatically implement API logic from an existing specification

Recurso 4.png

Curious how Macedon uses MuleSoft to simplify work?  Reach out for a complimentary assessment

Simplify Success.

Information about intelligent automation

At Macedon, we see ourselves as your partners in strategic Digital Transformation initiatives. Our role is to successfully bridge the gaps among technology, strategy, and leadership. We help you connect technology to your core business model while aligning it with the marketplace and your culture. We leverage the power of intelligent automation, including Business Process Management (BPM), Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Intelligent Case Management (iCM) to help you do more with less and increase your process efficiency.

Information about Hybrid Consulting

Simply mastering technology isn’t enough; solving complex enterprise challenges also requires proven business know-how. At Macedon, we engineer custom digital solutions based on your organization’s needs. Our consultants serve in unique, hybrid roles that combine a strong business and technology command to ensure truly disruptive and sustainable results. This unique approach streamlines communication, reduces the number of hand-offs, and increases velocity, enabling us to deliver better solutions faster.

macedon strategic partnership

Strategic partnerships are essential in delivering holistic solutions in a rapidly changing world. As we look back on our history, we’ve identified the core components that strengthened the relationship with our strategic partners and allowed us to deliver consistent and successful results to our clients. Our shared values and operating model are the key ingredients for our partnerships. As your partner, we unlock opportunities by providing the technical expertise with the highest credentialed group of Appian practitioners in the world. Read more here.

Digital Transformation Journey

Whether your team is just starting to think about Digital Transformation initiatives or you’re ready to take the leap from legacy to digital, Macedon is prepared to help you succeed at any phase of your journey.


Agile Training

Learn how to ensure
project success

Agile methodology is the surest path to project success. Following its adaptive planning principles, continual improvement, and early delivery, software teams can quickly respond to business needs and maximize organizations’ value. Macedon provides workshops and coaching to prepare your team for every step of the journey, improving collaboration, execution, and outcomes.

Our instructors bring a practical perspective to Agile courses, being seasoned practitioners of Agile while leading teams through building multiple successful solutions. Each workshop is tailored for your team’s needs, each role, and your corporate environment while demonstrating the value of the methodology’s standards and best practices.

Our most popular course, Agile for Product Owners, includes many workshops to allow Product Owners to practice building a backlog, prioritizing, and more. The hands-on approach encourages a more in-depth discussion and realization of how critical the Product Owner role can be for project success. While the target audience is Product Owners and Subject Matter Experts, this course is suitable for all project team members – and a useful “refresher” for IT staff.

Discovery Workshops

Give your program direction

Delivering a high-quality application is only part of our job in helping you achieve success. Ensuring this new solution aligns with your company’s vision, mission, and business values from the very start is just as critical.

Our experts lead your team through a series of workshops weighing strategic and tactical goals, complexity, and program readiness during Discovery, using our proprietary Project Valuation tool. The outcome of this is a comprehensive plan, identifying the highest-value efforts to focus on and a logical schedule that will support change management efforts and provide the highest adoption rates.

We revisit these workshops periodically as the pipeline of possible projects grows to identify potential gaps, reassess the program strategy, and realign the program plan with the most critical upcoming business needs.

Technology Selection

The right toolbox

At Macedon, we hand-select a small number of leading technologies and develop deep expertise. Unlike other service providers, we’re specialists, not generalists. We leverage each platform to create highly integrated solutions, taking advantage of each tool’s strengths and simplifying work.


Change Management

Ensure high adoption levels

Macedon’s Business Process Architects (BPA) are certified change management practitioners who drive high software adoption levels by engaging with developers, executive sponsors, and, most importantly, impacted employee groups. Based on your needs, this may include:

  • Helping hand-select a Key Personnel team to remain closely involved during the project cycle, who will be impacted most by the change - typically a mix of individual contributors and managers, with a range of dispositions about the project itself.

  • Using Human-Centered Design methodology to get significant early feedback from stakeholders and ensure the user experience (UI/UX) is comfortable and inviting to the people who will be using the system.

  • Tailoring our proprietary Communication Plans to fit your corporate environment and pinpointing when to communicate, to whom, and about what.

  • Generating Resistance Mitigation Plans to provide a centralized location where you can anticipate and react to employees’ resistance with mitigation strategies to address them before they become issues.

  • Providing guidance and assistance with training efforts.

  • Proactively gathering and tracking actual usage data of the new solution, conduct spot-interviews, and provide surveys to assess disposition and any new, unanticipated pain points that need to be addressed once the solution has gone live.

Expert Implementation

Dedicated specialists, every step
of the way

Early successes are key to accelerating Digital Transformation. Launching your projects with our experts helps build momentum with quick wins right from the start. Macedon’s expert implementation ensures faster solution delivery, the highest initial quality, and a sustainable edge.

  • Delivery Managers: Ultimately responsible for the timeliness and quality of what we deliver, Delivery Managers help your team navigate tradeoffs between technical design, time to value, and return on investment, all while identifying and mitigating risk.

  • Enterprise Intelligent Automation Architects: As some of the foremost experts in their field, our architects are highly certified, published authors in their field.  And while technology is their profession, your success is their passion, so your implementation won’t get held hostage on theory.

  • Business Process Architects: The adoption of your platform is the primary focus of our Business Process Architects. They combine process engineering and change management techniques to ensure the success of your program.

  • Development Team: The members of our Development Team don’t just code to a specification, they’re seasoned consultants who engage with your stakeholders, asking all the challenging questions to develop the correct solutions with high quality and velocity.

Accelerators and Plugins

Jump start your transformation

Macedon’s expansive collection of pre-built and hardened applications, utilities, and accelerators are a great way to jumpstart your Digital Transformation initiatives. We’ve engineered these assets to dramatically decreases development and testing time, allowing your team to focus on truly unique, high-value features.



Keep maximizing value

Applications left to stagnate in production without planning for change lose value and adoption rates over time. Macedon's Sustainability Planning allows your solution to evolve with your business beyond its completion.

We devote a small project team to develop new features for your existing applications while balancing production support. This unique offering ensures the longevity of the solution’s value long after the core project is complete.


Growing your internal experts

Technical coaching gives your internal team the guidance and support required to maintain solutions after they are delivered.  Technical coaching also instills the foundational knowledge behind design selections, platform best practices, and essential standards.

When we begin coaching, we develop a plan that takes into account:

  • What is the person’s availability to be coached?

  • What is their previous technical experience?

  • What level of independence makes sense for the individual’s role and business expectations?

Based on the answers, we help guide your resources toward one of three contribution tiers: understanding the solution(s) from a support perspective, helping modify and enhance an existing application, or more comprehensive coaching to prepare your team member for a new development of their own.



Set up your program for long-term success

Your company's corporate culture has its own needs, which will feed into your specific definition of governance and roles and responsibilities. No two organizations are the same. Our team at Macedon is here to step in and fill an advisory role in setting up and maintaining a flexible, robust Governance Structure for your organization.

With multiple solutions sitting on the shared software Platform, teams can begin competing for resources. A strong governance structure helps break down silos and foster the connection between the application teams. A governance body is responsible for communication, conflict resolution, securing funding, and enforcing roles and responsibilities to achieve long-term success.

This key leadership committee sets the foundation to accelerate and provide guidelines for new projects to be added to the environment through providing assets and templates to quickly get budgetary approvals and stand up a proper project team structure. This governance committee’s power also lowers the bar for sustainability after rollout by coordinating and sharing resources across the portfolio.

Center of Excellence

Institutionalizing your knowledge

Engage our experts to help grow your intelligent automation practice from a few projects to a true enterprise-wide asset. We start with a foundational engagement, blending your organization’s change control and releases processes with our technology and delivery best practices.  The result is a chartered organization empowered with the tools and processes they need to drive sustainable transformation across your business.

After your COE is formed, we tailor our level of engagement to your needs. Many customers retain our process and technology experts full time to scale their COE, while those that don’t require full-time support opt for ad-hoc support and part-time advisory services.

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