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Financial Services & Insurance

Curious how Macedon simplifies work?  Reach out for a complimentary assessment

Macedon Experience & Expertise

A new influx of digital customers coupled with inefficient business processes is a recipe for disaster. We help you accelerate your Digital Transformation initiatives and simplify your work. We have worked with banks, credit unions, healthcare payers, loans & mortgages, investment management, insurance, private equity & securitization, and more.

Solutions and Accelerators

Complaints Management
Continuous Customer Recertification
Expense Management
Know Your Customer Questionnaire
Regulatory Change Control Management

Industry Use Cases

  • Customer Onboarding

  • Account Onboarding

  • Product Onboarding

  • Counterparty Onboarding

  • Partner Relationships

  • Loan Lifecycle

  • Customer Due Diligence

  • Customer Master Data Management

  • Data Governance

  • IT Enhancement Requests

  • User Account Management

  • Employee Expense Management

  • Account Payable/Vendor Invoicing Management

  • Enterprise Document Management

  • Transaction Batch Exception Handling

  • Shared Components

Curious how Macedon can simplify your work?  Reach out for a complimentary assessment

Simplified Work

Macedon Technologies
Are you ready to simplify work?
Are you ready to simplify work?

Are you ready to simplify work?

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Complaints Management (CMGT)

Complaints Management (CMGT)

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Continuous Customer Recertification (CCR)

Continuous Customer Recertification (CCR)

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Stage & Gate

Stage & Gate

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Success Stories

SS Financial services 01.jpg

Money Moves: Digitizing an Investment Firm’s Operations

SS Financial services 01.jpg

Dynamic workforce management solution for loan applications

SS Financial services 01.jpg

Workflow Automation Yields Enormous Productivity Boost

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Appian Solutions for the Financial Services & Insurance Industry

Macedon Technologies has used our 15 years of experience in providing industry-specific solutions to develop a leading asset repository for the Appian Partner community. We help jump-start development, extending Appian’s capabilities to support the unique use cases of the Financial Services industry, including new business and deal lifecycle, customer lifecycle management, lending and payments, operations corporate functions, and governance. With our Appian solutions, Financial Services & Insurance companies can meet compliance, enhance customer service, and optimize operations.

When Financial Services & Insurance companies partner with Macedon Technologies, they can leverage Appian to automate processes related to:

  • Marketing, Sales, & Distribution

  • Policy Underwriting & Services Operations

  • Claims Management Operations

  • Reinsurance

  • New Business & Deal Lifecycle

  • Lending & Payments

  • Customer Lifecycle Management

  • Governance, Risk, & Compliance

  • Corporate Functions

Blog Post

Unlock Stress-Free Complaint Management: CMGT Makes It All Possible

Handling customer complaints is full of challenges - how can you ensure that your employees properly capture this feedback and that the right teams review all incoming complaints? Do you have a standardized approach to resolving complaints that reduce regulatory risk? Can you quickly respond to inquiries from regulators? Can you learn from the feedback to improve customer experience?

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