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Remote working, inefficient business processes, and a new influx of digital customers drive the financial services and insurance sector to accelerate their Digital Transformation initiatives and remote IT bottlenecks. Financial Services organizations that have benefited from our services include banks, credit unions, health payers, loans & mortgages, investment management, insurance, private equity & securitization, etc.

  • Customer Onboarding

  • Account Onboarding

  • Product Onboarding

  • Partner Relationships 

  • Loan Lifecycle

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Unlock Stress-Free Complaint Management: CMGT Makes It All Possible

Handling customer complaints is full of challenges - how can you ensure that your employees properly capture this feedback and that the right teams review all incoming complaints? Do you have a standardized approach to resolving complaints that reduce regulatory risk? Can you quickly respond to inquiries from regulators? Can you learn from the feedback to improve customer experience?

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