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Dynamic workforce management solution for loan applications

Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Dynamic workforce management solution for loan applications


Like most banks with a diverse product line, the volume of loans queued up for audit each day (especially across products) varied considerably for this large fullservice bank. Because of this variability, the supply of auditors was rarely sufficient to meet the demand of completing each audit task. Even worse, within each loan type, some auditors lacked the qualifications to work on loans with specific characteristics. For instance, some auditors had the skill and experience to process FHA loans but not VA loans

Balancing the optimal workforce against pending loans in the queue was cumbersome for managers. There was no streamlined way to accurately calculate the adequate number of FTEs allocated to the bank’s largest product by volume, for example, leaving managers to rely on a combination of guesswork and complex, errorprone, and time-consuming spreadsheet-based calculations.

“The Macedon team consistently goes beyond being a development staff. They understand the business process to the point they are able to identify gaps in user stories and provide proactive
solutions. We continually get feedback from the business units about how great the team is to work with, in large part because of the creativity, quality, and attention to detail.”
— SVP Solutions Delivery


Macedon implemented our Dynamic Workforce and Skill-Based Routing solution, configured for the client’s retail loan processing team, which allowed the bank’s management to allocate resources to the teams where they would be most effective on a day-to-day basis. 

Managers entered the skill-sets of auditors and bank tellers, allowing the system to automatically identify the best-fitting and available replacement workers when resource availability changed. Auditors were grouped by product category and assigned direct, indirect, and mortgage pre-funding loan skills. More granular proficiencies such as the ability to fulfill auto, RV, or marine loans were also associated with each auditor. 

As the success of this implementation was realized, this solution was expanded to include direct loan products, and there are plans to roll it out to further product lines in the future. This solution enabled team leaders to effectively manage and load balance while accounting for resource availability at the same time. Real-time resource allocation displayed alongside ideal resource allocation gave managers the ability to adjust their resource capacity on the fly, allowing them to scale up or down to meet the current demand for specific skill sets.


By implementing this Dynamic Workforce and SkillBased Routing solution, the organization is now able to efficiently and optimally swap resources across teams, identify training gaps, and understand the impact of availability and skill combined with teaming on projected output. Loan audit throughput and accuracy have dramatically increased, as best-fitting auditors are available to fulfill their relevant tasks.

Managers were able to see the system-calculated “Ideal Resource Allocation” metrics, allowing them to adjust their teams’ composition to respond to fluctuating demand. Since the assignments were more precisely calculated to meet actual demand based on projected output, these auditor teams were consistently able to exceed their SLAs. This solution also exposed the fact that the number of lease auditors limited the bank’s ability to process leases, so the bank trained more auditors in this proficiency. This allowed the bank to reset their SLAs to better serve their customers, and ROI was realized in less than one year after implementation.


From disorganized and error-prone to efficient and manageable

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