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Success Stories
Case studies illustrating how Macedon simplifies work


Critical Manufacturing: Automating Tracking and Reporting for Quality Control

March 26, 2024


Electricity Service Delivery: Transforming the Transmission Rights Auction System

February 28, 2024


Net Positive ROI Within One Year

September 7, 2023

A Fortune 500 life sciences company depended on a loose collection of document management tools to conduct critical project discovery and regulatory processes. Our solution provides users with a simple, easy-to-understand dashboard, allowing them to see all tasks, stages, and approvals that need completion. It also lets them see upcoming due dates and summary statistics on stage-gate workflows.

Financial Services

Bank streamlines loan recertification process resulting in fewer errors

May 11, 2023

The loan recertification process is a tedious, manual process that involves collecting and verifying documents, updating customer information, and ensuring that customers meet SLAs. To help address this struggle, Macedon Technologies has created a Continuous Customer Recertification (CCR) solution that helps streamline the recertification process.


Automated Change Control System in Just a Few Weeks

February 16, 2023

A leading global pharmaceutical company faced inefficiencies in its change control process. The system lacked scalability, accountability, and traceability. Macedon Technologies successfully automated the process using the Appian platform, implementing centralized comments and document uploads and replacing email chains with automated task assignments. The new system reduced auditing time from weeks to hours, and continues to serve as the organization's single source of truth for change request information.

Financial Services

Implementing a Complaint Management Platform in 12 weeks

May 23, 2022

Macedon Technologies partnered with a large regional bank to improve the customer feedback process. The Complaint Management Platform (CMP) was designed to streamline the capture of customer complaints, providing an intuitive application for frontline staff. Powerful reports enable business admins to measure adoption, track resolution times, identify areas of dissatisfaction, and address issues more effectively. Within the first month, the CMP led to a fourfold increase in complaint entries and quicker identification of trends for improved customer experience.


Massive Savings Through Workflow Automation

April 29, 2022

Sound Physicians' Advisory Services division faced manual and redundant processes, involving the transfer of documents across multiple systems with no notifications and room for human error. Macedon Technologies addressed this challenge by implementing UiPath automation, creating a system that iterates through the work queue, intelligently determining actions on work items, and reliably copying data to the case management portal. This automation significantly increased accuracy and turnaround times, allowing the operations team to shift focus from repetitive tasks to more meaningful activities.

Financial Services

Workflow Automation Yields Enormous Productivity Boost

January 25, 2022

Macedon Technologies partnered with Planet Home Lending (PHL) to streamline and automate their complex loan application process. The solution, built on the Appian platform, significantly reduced the time required for manual tasks, automated document generation, and provided a centralized portal for users to easily track application statuses and documents. The new system not only enhanced user experience and increased productivity but also addressed audit concerns, providing a full audit trail for each file.


Modernizing the user
experience and reducing
wasted hours

July 21, 2021

An analytics company specializing in healthcare faced challenges in manually processing millions of claims yearly for payment accuracy. While machine learning models analyzed most data, remaining records required manual intervention, creating inefficiencies in task assignments and claim analysis. Macedon Technologies'' solution seamlessly integrated with machine learning models and internal databases, centralizing data, improving the user interface, and automating intelligent task routing.

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