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Net Positive ROI Within One Year

Thursday, September 7, 2023

Net Positive ROI Within One Year


A Fortune 500 life sciences company depended on a loose collection of document management tools to conduct critical project discovery and regulatory processes. These tools’ disjointed nature forced scientists to jump between many different systems and spend hours aggregating data. These barriers led to an unacceptable level of error in almost all reports. For example, it was virtually impossible to gain a clear understanding of the status of any project. 

To get back into compliance with audits and process requests in a timely manner, the company needed a centralized platform for launching, tracking, documenting, and reporting its processes. The solution also needed to facilitate self-service reporting across multiple information silos to support decision-making for the entire research and development. Finally, recognizing  that the business changes rapidly, it needed a platform and team to quickly adapt and roll out changes to meet its needs while keeping key stakeholders engaged.

“Macedon, was extremely helpful in developing our Appian solution. During the entire development timeframe, they were consistently asking the
right questions to ensure appropriate functionality was delivered. They are very responsive and knowledgeable and are valued member of our Appian team. Was extremely impressed on how quickly they could make modifications on the fly in meetings, especially with so many things being
discussed.” — Director Product PMO


Macedon’s strategy for customer success starts with leveraging our industry-leading thought leadership. In the customer’s case, this translated to implementing and executing a new Behavior-driven Development framework. We keep ahead of the business’s emerging needs by first developing and then supporting the highest-value workflows, combined with continual engagement with process owners. The key elements we addressed:

  • Dedicated support stream (continuous enhancement and development)

  • Integrated applications across business processes (product development & packaging, qualifications, business process selection, approvals) 

  • Unified HOME site (bring all the apps into one view) 

  • Automatic notifications and audit tracking of all key events

  • Document generation 

  • SharePoint integration (document management integration) 

Our solution provides users with a simple, easy-to-understand dashboard, allowing them to see all tasks, stages, and approvals that need completion. It also lets them see upcoming due dates and summary statistics on stage-gate workflows. It can easily be integrated with other Appian applications within their technical ecosystem. 

The solution includes creating a unified home page for all applications, allowing users to take action on multiple workflows in a singular context. Detailed reporting dashboards enable users to view aggregated information from multiple sources on a single platform. 

The system sends automated notifications for each stage defined by preset SLAs and provides guided wizards to keep users informed and continuously moving forward in their assigned work. Additionally, it generates templated documents and manages SharePoint sites to house project-related documents. These changes bring together all the critical workflows for the customer while providing a consistent look and feel to drive user engagement and compliance.


Overall, the implementation of these core and related workflows led to significant return on investment (ROI) and accomplishments, including:

  • $240,000 annual savings per process •

  • 57% of C-Suite review time reduced and more efficient 

Macedon’s solution significantly expedited all associated workflows while maintaining or improving overall data quality and metrics by bringing critical processes into a platform where data and tasks are no longer siloed. By leveraging the Appian Low Code platform and its game-changing ability to build each successive application faster than the previous one, related systems benefit from direct access to more reporting data. Without the need for human intervention to start or complete previously disjointed processes, scientists and business administrators execute more projects and requests in less time.


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