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Implementing a Complaint Management Platform in 12 weeks

Monday, May 23, 2022

Implementing a Complaint Management Platform in 12 weeks


A large regional bank headquartered in Richmond, Virginia, offering a wide range of financial solutions for both individuals and businesses, needed to ensure that every customer has a voice. To provide the best possible customer experience, it is important to understand what the customer enjoys about working with this bank, but also what areas need improvement. 

To gain these insights, the bank came to Macedon for a solution that would streamline the process of capturing customer feedback, help address any immediate concerns, and use the insights gathered across all branches to make organization-wide improvements.

“I think the progress you made is absolutely awesome - I am so impressed with how thoughtful
the experiences are and how you’ve matched the user stories with the actual experience that we think will be best for the teammates and the customers. I’m thrilled at your progress. It’s obvious that you’ve taken a lot of time here, and I appreciate it.”
— Chief Customer Experience Officer


The first challenge was to improve how the bank captured customer complaints. Macedon and the bank worked together to design an intuitive application that simplifies this process for frontline teammates. The new Complaint Management Platform (CMP) guides staff through three simple steps and integrates with other core systems to consolidate work. The goal is to prove to employees how the bank can use this information to everyone’s benefit and ultimately promote a culture shift that motivates everyone to use the CMP to log more customer complaints than before.

When a complaint is submitted, the system automatically classifies and assigns collaborators to the complaint based on its description. This provides consistent data points for reporting across all complaints and also ensures that the right departments within the bank are providing their input before it is closed. The owner of the complaint and the collaborators are regularly notified of upcoming deadlines, which can also be escalated to their supervisors to keep individuals accountable.

This accountability is critical when it comes to meeting regulatory requirements. In designing this application, Macedon worked with the bank’s compliance experts to ensure that any complaint filed with a regulator has SLAs specific to that regulator. Additionally, a full audit trail of every complaint is available to understand who made what changes and when. Lastly, reporting enables the compliance team to respond to regulatory inquiries and demonstrate how customer complaints are being addressed over time.

The CMP business admins have access to powerful reports, one of which provides accountability across the organization. The business admins can see how many complaints have been captured, how often they are resolved on time, how they are resolved, and more, with several options to filter and compare across different segments of the organization. This allows the power users to measure adoption by line of business, region, market, branch, or even title, to ensure that SLAs are consistently met, and to follow up with specific groups if needed.

An additional report provides insights into high areas of dissatisfaction by measuring the frequency of complaint classifiers. Business admins can see over any date range what types of complaints are the most common, what other classifiers they commonly pair with, and how they change over time. This allows the business admins to target and address the issues with the largest impact on customers.


In the first month since the CMP was launched, teammates are entering complaints at a rate more than four times higher than the prior system. Immediately, the bank was able to identify a trend in a specific type of dissatisfaction and start working to address it. With their prior system, the bank could not easily identify these types of trends due to a lack of the system’s usage and reporting. Now not only are the trends more quickly and easily identified, but the bank is able to use that information more effectively to prioritize and execute on changes that will have the greatest impact on customer experience. The feedback from the frontline teammates has been overwhelmingly positive in that it’s a huge improvement from the prior system.


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