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Unlock Stress-Free Complaint Management: CMGT Makes It All Possible

Handling customer complaints is full of challenges - how can you ensure that your employees properly capture this feedback and that the right teams review all incoming complaints? Do you have a standardized approach to resolving complaints that reduces regulatory risk? Can you quickly respond to inquiries from regulators? Can you learn from the feedback to improve customer experience?

Macedon’s Complaints Management application (CMGT) features an extendable framework for capturing and promptly addressing customer feedback. Entering feedback requires no training, making it easy for new employees to begin using the application. CMGT automatically categorizes, prioritizes, assigns, and sets deadlines for new feedback based on configurable business rules to ensure all customer feedback follows a standard process.

No more email chains or phone calls to figure out the status of a complaint - CMGT provides total visibility into your progress towards critical SLAs both at an individual level and across the organization. As employees investigate and resolve feedback, CMGT meticulously logs all history to drive extensive auditability and reporting.

By using CMGT, you can rest assured that all customer feedback is treated fairly and consistently, adhering to your company’s policies and meeting regulatory requirements. Take the insights gleaned from CMGT, along with the time saved from reducing manual work, to better understand and meet your customers' needs.

For more information about our CMGT solution, check it out on Appian’s AppMarket.


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