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What is a Workflow Performance Assessment?

A Workflow Performance Assessment (WPA) fulfills a critical role in the discovery process that Macedon has developed for the initial stages of an engagement. A WPA allows stakeholders to capture a visual to understand how key processes work today...and provides a vision of what that same workflow would look like in a future state through automation.

3-Steps to Automated Workflows

1. Identify

The first activity in the Workflow Performance Assessment is to identify your business’ high-value processes, to focus on the workflows that are core to your business. Putting energy into the highest value business processes gives you the highest likelihood of making an impactful change.

For each process we identify, we will conduct stakeholder interviews to collect the current state of the process. This includes all steps, involved parties, handoffs, decisions, and different workflows - a true visualization of the process as-is. This model is not just a snapshot of the current process, it also documents the areas where the process has room for improvement. This document alone is highly valuable, providing you with a launching-off point for making process improvements when you are ready. All of this data is collected and put into a digital diagram, increasing their clarity and making it accessible to everyone that needs it.

Common trouble areas:

  • Wasted time and bottlenecks

  • Inability to scale

  • Gaps in data

  • Negatively impacted users

  • Redundancies in data

  • Missteps in the process

2. Optimize

Once an as-is model has been established, our team will leverage our expertise to come up with solutions to the areas of improvement. We work with you on these solutions first because we have found that optimization is most effective for our clients when done before considering technologies and automation. First, we identify areas of the process to improve, then we suggest process changes with the main goal of streamlining. The result is a process that provides you the most efficient flow of process steps to maximize your stakeholders’ time spent doing more valuable activities to achieve company goals. These optimizations provide your employees with a higher satisfaction level and give your business more opportunities to grow.

3. Digitize

Once the to-be process is drafted, we consider which technologies will support and improve the proposed process. We analyze the current technology used (if any) and make recommendations based on our vast expertise in the automation sphere. Our seasoned professionals have seen countless technology platforms implemented across all sectors, and we know what works best for you and your organization.

Common automation technologies include:

  • Appian

  • Appian RPA

  • UiPath

  • Data Hubs

  • Snowflake

  • Box

Next Steps

At the end of the Workflow Performance Analysis, you will walk away with a full package of artifacts about your process that you can move forward with whenever works best for you. The WPA offering can lend to building a business case to get funding for a project or act as the first step in an initiative that is about to take off. WPA artifacts can also clearly document the Return on Investment (ROI) for a given initiative. Even if your priorities change, you could stick these artifacts in a drawer for a rainy day, and walk away with more insight than you had before, without needing to take immediate action.

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