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Streamline Your New Product Development

Scrap those ever-expanding to-do lists of emails and meetings for Macedon Technologies’ Stage and Gate solution so you can spend more of your time and energy on the high-value activities that grow your company.

The path from idea to launch is often fraught with complexities that can stifle progress and innovation. Sprawling spreadsheets and misplaced emails often mean that important details, and sometimes groundbreaking ideas, can get lost along the way. Disorganized methods not only slow your path to market but can also affect your bottom line, ultimately impacting your company's ability to stay ahead in a rapidly evolving market. 

Macedon Technologies is here to simplify and expedite your entire product journey with our new product development solution: Idea to Launch (I2L).

Macedon's I2L solution streamlines product development by bringing your critical data into one consolidated platform. With a stage-gate design, the product development workflow is split into stages, each with a specific set of requirements. Teams will collaborate together in real-time to ensure that ideas are properly documented and vetted to progress through these stages.

What can it do for me?

  • Centralized Reporting and Information: All your data in one central location, supported by intuitive reporting tools providing actionable insights.

  • Event Tracking: See the full detail of all decisions made for all auditability and compliance needs. 

  • Task Management with Intelligence: Utilize task automation, set deadlines, and keep work on track and within schedule.

  • Workflow Customization: Use built-in configuration tools to align the application to your company's specific operational models. Control the stages, gates, roles, permissions, and decision-making benchmarks that fit your unique needs.

When you choose Macedon's I2L solution, you unlock:

  • Transparent Oversight: Visualize the entire product pipeline for better strategic decision-making and effective resource deployment.

  • Collaborative Cohesion: Dissolve internal barriers and improve cross-departmental teamwork, reducing communication hiccups and delays.

  • Elevated Productivity: Embrace automated workflows and streamlined progress tracking for quicker product development and reduced time to launch.

  • Custom-Fit Adaptability: Easily tailor the platform to meet your organization's requirements without any maintenance costs.

Don't let antiquated processes rob you of your innovation and competitive edge. Step into a new realm of clarity, collaboration, efficiency, and adaptability with Macedon’s I2L solution, and watch your products transition from idea to launch with unparalleled ease and success.

Contact us today for a demo.


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