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Streamlining Customer Onboarding for Manufacturers with SOAR

Onboarding customers is a crucial process for any manufacturer, and it cannot be taken lightly. An inefficient or inconsistent onboarding process can lead to costly delays, time-consuming rework, and ultimately a poor customer experience. The traditional approach to onboarding often involves disparate data sources, long SLAs, and opaque processes, making it difficult to identify blockers and understand what needs to be done.

At Macedon Technologies, we understand the importance of delivering an efficient and consistent onboarding process for our manufacturing clients. That’s why we developed Self-service Onboarding And Reconciliation (SOAR), a comprehensive solution designed to simplify the onboarding process from start to finish, now available on Appian’s App Market.

SOAR provides an all-in-one solution to maximize efficiency, accuracy, and visibility throughout the entire onboarding process. With SOAR, customers can initiate their onboarding experience via an easy-to-use online portal with guided navigation. Our system-defined data validation ensures secure data collection at every step of the way. The entire process can be orchestrated with manual task assignment control for streamlined management of tasks and responsibilities. Plus, users can complete distributed tasks in parallel for maximum throughput, ensuring all processes are finished in a timely manner.

In addition to streamlining the onboarding process, SOAR ensures visibility throughout the process with reporting dashboards allowing users to monitor onboarding progress in real-time. This helps identify potential blockers more quickly and eliminates unnecessary delays in completing the onboarding process. Our customizable analytics suite also allows executives to measure key metrics against defined targets and better understand overall performance.

SOAR provides manufacturers with an all-in-one solution that makes managing customer onboarding fast and simple through the following features:

  • Customer-initiated processes - customers are empowered to drive their own onboarding experience through a guided portal form that utilizes data validation to ensure that the correct data is captured from step one

  • Intelligent task assignment - all tasks are distributed appropriately to teams and workers based on their skills and experience, ensuring that the right people are leveraged at the right time

  • Simplified and structured reconciliation - each step of the process is broken down into distributed tasks that can be completed in parallel for maximum throughput and fewer blockers

  • Comprehensive reporting tools - managers and executives can access a customizable, holistic view of the overall system with metrics derived from individual process stages to department-level trends

At Macedon Technologies, we understand the value of ensuring an efficient and reliable customer onboarding experience. SOAR provides a comprehensive solution to help manufacturers streamline their onboarding process from start to finish, eliminate any unnecessary delays or bottlenecks, and improve customer satisfaction. Read more about how SOAR reduced customer onboarding time in this Case Study, Reducing Customer Onboarding from 3 weeks to 8 hours.


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