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IT modernization leads to increased productivity for a global manufacturer

Wednesday, June 2, 2021

IT modernization leads to increased productivity for a global manufacturer


To remove the limitations of legacy IT systems, CeramTec North America LLC (CTNA) embarked on their Digital Transformation journey. CTNA pioneered the science of ceramic-to-metal sealing over 70 years ago and still remains the world leader today. The first step – replace a decades-old enterprise software platform that was rapidly decaying but still hosted the client’s backbone processes: 

  • Track quotes, orders, and requests for quotation through their lifecycle 

  • Resolve customer complaints and Return Merchandise Authorizations 

  • Create, retrieve, and maintain technical documentation and reference materials 

  • Request and approve changes to production orders and engineering processes

  • Manage clients, vendors, and employee access

 Users struggled to navigate the legacy platform, and administrators found it impossible to maintain. Clunky interfaces, outdated processes, and diminishing compatibility with modern computing standards combined to create a perfect storm – software that hindered rather than helped its users. Moreover, the last expert who was able to manage the aging codebase retired and took with him the specialized knowledge required to develop further and maintain the platform.

“[Macedon is] very professional; you get the job done. You also taught us a lot that we’ll use moving forward - using Trello, doing discovery, writing user
stories, planning things out, and really implementing a change management system. We got more than some new apps out of this deal.”
— IT Manager


Macedon created the new application ecosystem on the Appian platform on a very aggressive schedule – only five months. The quick turnaround was only possible on a truly Low Code platform like Appian. More importantly, the team did not have to sacrifice functionality or quality to develop with speed. Appian was powerful enough to build valuable apps, including integrations with core systems such as SAP. 

Initially envisioned as a direct replacement effort, the engagement quickly evolved to also encompass business process management and change management. Using an Agile methodology, our team delivered a future-proof system on-time, within budget, and enhanced to accurately reflect the business needs. We helped the client’s team move faster than they ever had in the past, resulting in better software and more optimized workflows out of the budgeted engagement.


The modern Appian application ecosystem is intuitive, reliable, fast, and accessible. Deep integration with the client’s ERP system reduces repetitive and manual information copying across systems. This dramatically decreases input errors, user frustration, and the time required to onboard and train new personnel. 

Native mobile capabilities allow management to view relevant business metrics at a glance, even when they are on-the-go. New reporting functionality enables enhanced visibility into the business processes and provides deep insights into bottlenecks and opportunities for further improvement. Appian quickly became an enterprise bedrock - able to sustain the business operations and ready to adapt to any challenges the future may bring.


From limited and manual to user friendly and automated

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