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Challenges with the Dynamically-Changing Workforce

In today’s dynamically-changing landscape, leaders might not know who is working on any particular day. With stay-at-home orders and the workforce primarily shifting to a remote model, managers have discovered that appropriate staffing allocations have become more challenging than ever to achieve.

The current COVID-19 crisis has caused more workers to abruptly call out from work for personal health reasons or care for a loved one. Finding a best-fitting replacement with short notice is traditionally stressful. It’s more complicated than finding any resource for replacement, as skill sets must be taken into account. In summary, ensuring the adequate number of resources working at any given time is two-fold:

  1. Individuals can have unanticipated personal obligations.

  2. Fluctuating demand correlating to a specific skill-set for a task needs to meet customer satisfaction and costs.

Macedon’s Dynamic Approach

Macedon’s built a dynamic, highly configurable workforce solution that empowers leaders to satisfy their team’s capabilities comprehensively and workforce capacity, embracing that team composition is dynamic and employees’ schedules are unpredictable. By defining employees’ skill-sets, a best-fitting and available replacement candidate can be selected at a moment’s notice.

Real-time resource allocation displayed alongside ideal resource allocation allows managers to dynamically adjust their resource capacity – aligning it with the current demand of FTEs necessary to sufficiently fulfill tasks of a particular skill-set at any given time.

What type of industries can benefit?

This solution has proven useful to organizations’ numerous types and sizes, serving many different products and processes. In particular, Macedon has achieved success in implementing this tool in the financial services sector and is expanding it to other verticals, such as healthcare and insurance.

By implementing the dynamic workforce management solution, organizations can efficiently and optimally swap resources across teams, identify training gaps, and understand the impact of availability and skill combined with teaming on projected output. Throughput and accuracy have dramatically increased, as best-fitting employees are available to fulfill their relevant tasks.

Macedon is here to help simplify your staffing orchestration. We built a complex dynamic workforce implementation for a client in the financial services industry and worked with numerous clients across many verticals. Our team has extensive experience tailoring systems for specific use cases and saves organizations time and money by effectively coordinating the workforce.

Contact us here to connect with a Macedon team member.

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