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Accelerating Real Estate Digital Transformation

Appian’s integrative enterprise platform can be used to form and strengthen the foundation of any real estate firm’s Digital Transformation, especially in the capable hands of Macedon experts. With partnership and skillful guidance, Appian quickly transforms the way you work from start to finish by taking your data from wherever it lives and making it actionable to your users.

Real Estate and Data: An Inseparable Partnership

In the fast-paced world of real estate, data is vital. Knowing this, firms across the industry quickly moved to digitize their records, financial statements, customer data, and other mission-critical information. While these early movers in the Digital Transformation saw initial gains in the transition away from pen and paper, they interestingly found themselves with a new problem: drowning in siloed, irrelevant information.

These early IT systems siloed data and turned a cold shoulder to other systems that wanted that data. To see customer data, a typical user had to log into the CRM software, then log into financial systems to see the end of month reports, then log into a shared drive to find contracts, and so on. Large portions of the day are lost switching between systems, all of which work and present data differently. Add to this the difficulty of trying to compare and combine data across this disparate landscape of software systems.

Another issue they discovered: it is not enough to have access to data. The data must be put to work to surface relevant pieces of information at the right time and in the right place. This requires collating and processing data across systems so that complex and practical actions can be taken.

Taming Data with Appian

Appian is well-positioned to tackle both of these problems. Appian, through its extensive out-of-the-box integration capabilities, is capable of consuming and pushing data to a wide variety of external systems such as JD Edwards, Salesforce, SharePoint, Workday, and more. These integrations can process and shape external information and display it in the most useful and actionable way for users.

A major real estate firm found immense positive impact first-hand, combining Macedon’s services with Appian’s power. We built a concise and informative dashboard that pulled in crucial data points for each of the assets under management, such as rent roll, lease activity, occupancy rates, the team involved, relevant documents, and more. All of this displayed in a clean, modern user interface that provided leadership with precisely the information they needed to manage their assets.

What was once a laborious task of logging into, searching for, and filtering one piece of data in one part of the software, then repeating the task over and over, is now a simple click away for each asset. This freed employees to focus on the real work that needed to be done.

Once data is centralized and transformed, new possibilities become available, such as intuitive reminders to proactively address common pain points.

Anyone who has missed a lease expiration or property tax payment can tell you the immense amount of money and stress that comes along with it. With the significant success of the first project, the major real estate firm worked with Macedon to build a system that tracks these critical dates, associates them directly with assets and information that exists in Appian, and alerts users when the dates are approaching so that they can take action and get ahead of costly mistakes and oversights.

Maximizing Productivity

However, it goes further than that. With the Appian platform’s power, we automated and surfaced tasks and actions through intelligent data analysis. For instance, you may have a commercial asset below its sales threshold for the year; we compare that directly with a related clause in their contract and use this correlation to find a more suitable client that performs to expectations.

To bring this significant value to more of the real estate industry faster, Macedon worked closely with real estate industry experts to build Appian accelerators to expedite the already blistering pace of Appian development. Using the latest Appian features and design patterns, we have created a core set of real estate solutions ready to be tailored specifically to your business. These solutions are key to successfully reaching your Digital Transformation goals.

Macedon Technologies accelerates Digital Transformation by delivering sustainable, enterprise-grade applications faster and more reliably.

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