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Maximize the value of your Appian environment with our Accelerated Delivery Suite™

Although many companies have improved on developing critical applications for key business operations in-house, they are still not developing production-ready software quickly enough to keep up with the demand for smarter, more automated workflows. Appian’s low-code development platform has emerged as the industry leader to help organizations bridge that gap.

While Appian provides the best platform to develop and deploy low-code software, adding in Macedon’s Accelerated Delivery Suiteturbocharges the platform and allows companies to start significantly ahead of the competition.

What is the Accelerated Delivery Suite™?

The Macedon Accelerated Delivery Suite(ADS) is an integrated suite of core application templates and pre-built components designed to accelerate high-quality software development on the Appian platform. With the DevOps solutions included in ADS, companies can also significantly expedite their software development cycle.

With the Accelerated Delivery Suite you can maximize the value you get from your Appian environment. With ADS, developers can utilize an expansive library of application components, plugins, and integrations to accelerate their development process. Examples of this include ADS’ Snowflake connected system, our award-winning calendar component, a Stage & Gate configurable template, an Expense Management Application, and more. ADS also includes tools to help users get visibility into their Appian workflow and automate their most time-intensive activities.

Which challenges does ADS address?

  • Time-to-market: Appian acts like an accelerator to shorten overall time-to-market. ADS takes this to the next level by empowering companies with industry-specific, highly configurable core applications to expedite the time-to-market even more.

  • The total cost of ownership (TCO): Even with a platform like Appian, any time spent in development adds to a company’s total cost of ownership. With ADS, companies do not have to start from scratch each time during the development lifecycle, significantly reducing the up-front cost of automation. Plus, the components are easy to maintain and update, reducing TCO even more.

  • Quality of software: While companies are optimizing for faster deployments and time-to-market, the quality of the software remains critical to success. ADS enables companies to use pre-built and hardened components to ensure the software quality is high while still deploying products quickly.

  • Application development inefficiencies: In addition to quality concerns, faster deployments can also lead to rushed code and technical debt that can add costs for a company. ADS was built on the best Appian and software development practices. These best practices are integrated into ADS, so teams using ADS can avoid common pitfalls derived from deploying products quickly.

While some challenges are common throughout your industry, your environment’s specifics and business processes are unique. With the Macedon ADS Core Apps providing up to 80% of the functionality and the remaining 20% tailored to your specifications, ADS provides a significant value.

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