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Macedon Technologies recognized as a UiPath Gold Partner


Macedon Technologies (Macedon), is proud to be recognized as a UiPath Gold partner.

Reston, VA, Nov. 12, 2020, Macedon Technologies (Macedon), is proud to be recognized as a UiPath Gold partner. The Gold Partner status is a global quality level granted by UiPath and affirms our strong partnership with UiPath. Our Gold Partner position reflects Macedon’s skills and capabilities, delivering UiPath’s cutting-edge RPA solutions across industries.

Stacey Wright, Director of Delivery and Education, said, “We have enthusiastically embraced UiPath, and are already leveraging this best-in-class technology to quickly deliver valuable, impactful intelligent automation solutions to our customers.”

UiPath is a global software company focused on Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Process Mining, and Automation combining AI, ML, and analytics for an efficient automated process. Through our partnership, Macedon delivers enterprise-scale programs for RPA. Macedon aims to help enterprises of all sizes to realize their benefits with intelligent automation.

“The UiPath Gold level highlights the efforts of our sales and delivery teams and our talent resourcing models and delivery methodologies,” said Mark Garvey, Macedon’s Chief Operating Officer. “We believe that the UiPath platform is key to scaling automation across the enterprise and simplifying work through creative, high-quality solutions that unlock people’s potential and maximizes value.”

Reach out to us here for questions about UiPath, RPA, and intelligent automation. Read our RPA white paper here and see how organizations can improve their operational efficiency or watch our recent webinar: Robots in your Business Process on our YouTube Channel.

About Macedon Technologies

Macedon is a leader in Intelligent Automation solutions. They master superior, cutting-edge technologies to solve their clients’ complex challenges. Macedon consultants perform in unique, hybrid roles that combine a strong command of business and technology to deliver disruptive and sustainable results.

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