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Cardboard Boat Regatta Race 2022


Have you ever built a boat out of cardboard?

Last month Macedon participated in the 2022 Cardboard Boat Regatta Race at Lake Anne in Reston. A small group of Macedonians spent many hours acquiring materials, drafting designs, creating prototypes, and constructing a boat made of cardboard and lots of tape.

On Saturday, August 13th, it was time for our boat’s maiden voyage. While it was short-lived and almost immediately toppled over when people got in it, it was a great experience.

It's a considerable effort and commitment, but a lot of fun! You have to get out of your comfort zone, do your research, and be creative. I love company events that allow you to connect and work with your colleagues on projects that are not work-related!” - Monique

I really enjoyed working with David on the design of a boat... and learned the boat needs to be wider for sure!” - Jared

I enjoyed coming in after work to help you all build it! A great team-building exercise.” - Amit

This summer’s experience will help us return to the drawing board and construct an even sturdier boat next time. Macedon participates in events like these throughout the year, where we can team build and grow camaraderie outside of our workspace. If you want to work at a company like ours, check out our careers page!

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