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Macedon Technologies announces its new partnership with MuleSoft

Macedon Technologies


MuleSoft’s API-led solutions are a great fit for Macedon's technology portfolio and will bring more value to our customers.

Macedon Technologies is proud to announce its new partnership with MuleSoft, a global software company focused on API-led connectivity and enterprise integration solutions. Through this partnership, Macedon can now leverage MuleSoft’s industry-leading solutions to deliver their customers transformational enterprise-scale programs and solutions.

MuleSoft helps businesses integrate data and systems, automating workflows and processes, and creating incredible digital experiences. Integrating with MuleSoft means businesses can instantly connect data from any system and bring it all together for one consistent 360-degree view of their customers, employees, and more.

The Appian and MuleSoft partnership delivers users with an API-led approach that simplifies integration. Appian owns the user relationship in this ecosystem, and MuleSoft holds the system relationship, bringing modernization to legacy systems through exposed Experience APIs. Appian’s API Connector on Anypoint Exchange makes it easier for Appian users to access, transform, and reuse data from legacy and SaaS applications through well-governed APIs to drive agility at scale.

“MuleSoft’s API-led solutions are a great fit for our technology portfolio. Our MuleSoft partnership allows us to bring even more value to our customers,” said Mark Garvey, Chief Operating Officer of Macedon, “ and we are excited to offer them sustainable and resilient solutions that scale with their business.”

Macedon is thrilled to join forces with MuleSoft and to be able to provide our customers with access to their market-leading solutions. Please contact us for more information about MuleSoft and how it can help your business. Additionally, check out our Appian + MuleSoft white paper.

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