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Macedon Releases Snowflake Connected System


As part of the ongoing effort of Macedon Technologies to enable Digital Transformation...

As part of the ongoing effort of Macedon Technologies to enable Digital Transformation in the business community, they have developed and released an Appian Connected System for the Snowflake Database.

This Connected System Plug-in lets you connect Appian to a Snowflake Data Warehouse with intuitive configuration, not code. A designer is then able to use the Integration objects to perform all of the standard query functions such as Select, Insert, Update, or Delete. The query results are returned in a dictionary format just like Appian Query Entity rules, which can easily be translated to Appian CDTs or parsed as they are returned.

“As organizations move more of their core functions into digital systems, the need to warehouse data becomes critical for reporting and reflective evolution of those applications,” says Colin Schoenfelder, Director of Technology at Macedon Technologies. “Appian enables the rapid development of applications and solutions to address business needs,” he continues, “but Appian is a part of a larger ecosystem of Digital Transformation technologies which includes warehousing, and Macedon is committed to enabling seamless integration of these related technologies.”

“We wanted to make sure it functions exactly the same as out of box Appian connectors,” Ben Edwards, Appian Enterprise Architect at Macedon Technologies, explained. “The goal was to make interacting with Snowflake simple and intuitive for developers that are used to working with the standard set of Relational Databases”.

The new Snowflake Connected System joins a collection of shared components that Macedon has published to the Appian AppMarket.

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