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An Eventful September


In-person events are back!

September has been an exciting month for our teams! We attended several events such as the Appian Golf Classic in California and the ITC Conference in Las Vegas. It was great reuniting with the folks over at Appian and connecting with clients over a round of golf.

ITC Vegas is the world’s largest Insurtech event. Spanning over three days, at this conference, companies showcased the latest innovations and how to increase productivity and reduce costs. This event is an excellent opportunity to network and connect with others with different areas of expertise.

It was incredible attending an in-person event again! I met leaders with deep insight into the industry, saw a display of innovative technologies, learned about in-depth case studies, and got actionable takeaways from this event. I’m looking forward to using what I’ve learned and expanding our footprint in the Insurance industry.” - Ryan, Account Executive.

Feel free to connect with Ryan about how Macedon can help your organization, reach out to him via email,

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