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Macedon launches two new solutions on Appian's AppMarket


Check out our latest custom solutions that help you jump-start development and extend what Appian supports out of the box.

Recently, Macedon released two new custom solutions on Appian's AppMarket: our Complaints Management (CMGT) and Regulatory Change Control Management (RCCM) tools.

Complaints Management (CMGT)

Financial institutions receive hundreds or even thousands of customer feedback items daily. Frontline employee teams need help understanding the nuances and changing regulations that may categorize feedback they receive as a Complaint with regulatory implications. CMGT takes care of this by using business rules that you can customize to fit your institution. Watch a short demo here.

Regulatory Change Control Management (RCCM)

Managing change across any organization is challenging: manual tools make collecting information about proposed changes difficult, while siloed systems hide this information, frustrating reporting efforts. The RCCM solution enables organizations across industries to submit, track, and manage their change control requests, processes, data, and assignments through an easy-to-use centralized Appian system.

For more information, visit Appian’s AppMarket, or schedule some time with us today.

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