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Macedon Hosts Field Trips for the She Believes In Me Summer Camp


Macedon loves to stay active in our local community. See how we partnered with She Believes In Me this summer!

Macedon partnered with She Believes In Me (SBIM) for another great event last week. Every year, SBIM organizes a Summer Camp for their children ages 7 to 15 years. They go on field trips to learn and experience new things in the area. This year, we partnered with them for two camp days!

Day 1:

Monique DiCarlo accompanied the kids on a day at Seven Oaks Lavender Farm in Catlett, VA. During this trip, they roamed the lavender fields, enjoyed a picnic under the oak trees, made lavender sachets to take home with them, and learned how a lavender farm operates and all the different responsibilities that go into running a farm.

I wanted them to spend some time outdoors, and it was great to see them chase the butterflies and learn more about lavender and its benefits. Seeing the many big smiles made my day.

- Monique, Marketing Manager

Day 2:

The kids visited Macedon’s HQ office to see what a day at work looks like. Kenny Rosenberg led multiple activities for them that showed what our company does and how computer science works in the tech industry. During their break, the children enjoyed the game room and took a tour of the office to see all the different departments and jobs our company offers.

I really enjoyed having some future computer scientists in the office. Even the youngest elementary schoolers were able to talk about some college-level concepts like image encoding, error correction, and search patterns. It was great to see active participation from some initially hesitant students for whom English is not their first language. Of course, it doesn't hurt when candy is involved.” - Kenny, Project Lead

Macedon loves to stay active in our local community! We work with SBIM multiple times throughout the year and look forward to our next event. Check out their website if you want to learn more about She Believes In Me.

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