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Appian Partner Appreciation Day


It was great reconnecting with our client, Pacific Life, at Appian's Partner Appreciation Day.

In September, we were invited to Appian’s Partner Appreciation Day recognizing our client Pacific Life and Macedon. Pacific Life hosted this event at their office in sunny California. Appian and Pacific Life presented our projects and applications and how they have impacted their business.

“The success of any business can be decided by its relationships. Both with its customers and with its partners. We are fortunate to have two great partners [Appian and Macedon] helping us deliver business solutions rapidly.” - Dan Stroot, VP, Technology, Pacific Life Retirement Solutions

At Macedon, we provide full-lifecycle system development to ensure business acceptance and adoption of new applications. Businesses don’t stop changing just because a project is completed; we also offer support and sustainability to provide incremental changes to extend the long-term value of applications for our clients. 

The Macedon team was honored to be a part of this appreciation day. Reuniting with our clients at Pacific Life was long overdue, and we were thrilled to spend a few days together reminiscing about our projects and planning for future ones! If you are interested to learn more about our client’s success, check out this success story

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