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Taking Back Control of Your Workflows
How We Solved It: Agile Project Management for Any Team with SPAR


Finding the right Agile project management tool for managing projects and coordinating work can be a complicated task. Many pre-built solutions lack the customization necessary to match your processes. Using the Sprint Planning and Agile Resource (SPAR) solution, organizations can easily start tracking their projects directly in Appian. During this webinar, Colin Schoenfelder and Salvatore (Sal) Avena will demonstrate SPAR and show you:

  • The powerful features that can adapt to various use cases.

  • The feature of tracking work through flexible tickets.

  • ow SPAR lets users manage their ongoing projects and centralize information to help teams do their best work.

This application provides all the necessary tools to begin your first Agile project or easily transition an existing project management tool into Appian.

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