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Most service providers will take on any project with any technology. As a result, they often lack the expertise required to get real value out of complex, modern enterprise platforms. At Macedon, we hand-select a small number of leading technologies and develop deep expertise.

We’re specialists, 
not generalists.

We leverage our intimate knowledge of each platform to create highly integrated solutions, taking advantage of each tool’s strengths and creating a seamless experience for your people. 

Macedon has a track record of over 600 successful Appian engagements for over 100 clients, including Fortune 500 and other large enterprises, small and medium-sized businesses, and federal and state government. Regardless of where you are in your intelligent automation journey, our experts can lead you to success with the Appian platform.


We offer full-lifecycle system development, including discovery, architecture, analysis, design, implementation, integration, testing, deployment, and change management to ensure business acceptance and adoption of the new application. Finally, because the business doesn’t stop changing just because a project is finished, we offer support and sustainability to provide incremental changes to extend the long-term value of the application for the business.

At Macedon, we have leveraged our experience in delivering general and industry-specific solutions over the last ten years to develop a leading asset repository for the Appian Partner community. Our multiple components and accelerators help jump-start development and utilities, extending what Appian supports out-of-the-box. They are available at Appian’s AppMarket.

100% of our consultants have Appian Level 2 credentials, and almost 75% have the highest certification offered by Appian.
Our Appian Awards
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Value Award

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 North American Reseller 

of the Year Award

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A-Scores Award

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Accelerated Delivery Suite

The Macedon Accelerated Delivery Suite (ADS) is a fully integrated suite of components, templates, and solutions that accelerate software development on the Appian platform. Combined with Macedon’s hybrid roles, deep expertise, and tailored delivery methodology, we are able to deliver high-value solutions faster than ever before.


Macedon’s UIPath practice is designed to turbo-charge your intelligent automation initiatives. With 50 trained and certified RPA resources, our team will lead you throughout your RPA journey. But our RPA practice isn’t just about building bots. Our hybrid consulting teams factor in business value, time-to-market, technical fit, and long-term sustainability to craft integrated automation solutions that capture ROI quickly and grow with your business.

Our RPA services include discovery, installation, architecture, implementation, enablement, and continuous improvement.

For customers that see the value of RPA but aren’t sure how to get started, we leverage our extensive background with automation projects to guide you through common use cases and help you select your first bots. Once you’ve built your business case, our Automation Architects, trained and certified in UIPath infrastructure, will install and configure your environments and help you craft your technical roadmap setting you up for long-term success and growth.

Our unique approach allows you to capture value while building your roadmap. We bring on highly skilled consultants that tackle those early use cases while enabling your teams on the technology. Many of our customers find they are able to take significant automation development internally, leaving only the most complex unattended automation to our team.

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Automate KYC with RPA to accelerate account opening turnaround

With our experience in RPA, Macedon automates this process to greatly increase turnaround time, alleviate bottlenecks, and fulfill business requirements and regulations. 

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