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Providing the Best Patient Outcomes in Clinical Oncology

Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Providing the Best Patient Outcomes in Clinical Oncology


A leading specialty benefits company needed to replace their legacy system for processing oncological cases. This system was expensive, frustrating, clunky, and virtually a black box, completely obscuring how cases were evaluated. It was nearly impossible to troubleshoot the frequent errors that occurred, eroding trust that cases were being handled correctly. Worse, the total lack of visibility meant that patients received sub-optimal care. The company needed to keep up with rapidly changing best practices in clinical treatments, but it took months to make even a small change. All of this made for a system that was difficult to understand, slow to adapt, and detrimental to the quality of patient care.

"I truly couldn’t have picked a better team to go on this journey with. Each and every one of you made this possible and I hope you are all as proud of your work as I am. [Macedon has] made my job easy." - Product Owner


Macedon’s solution allows clinicians to rapidly configure oncological treatments, providing them with full ownership over their clinical library and complete visibility into how cases are evaluated. Using the basic building blocks of a regimen, clinical scenario, and dosing schedule, the clinicians can easily build known treatments with a variety of clinical criteria to automatically evaluate cases. Treatments are a breeze to update, ensuring that they promptly reflect the latest medical guidelines. The solution further leverages the clinical library to recommend alternative, preferable courses of treatment. This gives clinicians the confidence that they are providing each patient with the best care possible.


Our client is now empowered to manage their oncological request process independently. They no longer waste money on an expensive and confusing system that fails to meet their needs. They can rest assured that each case is evaluated correctly, and that the system is easily able to stay up to date with the latest clinical data. And they trust that each patient is receiving not only correct information, but also the best care possible.


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