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Improve Your Manufacturing Change Control Process

Manufacturing operations are highly complex and involve multiple departments across numerous stages. With a unified view of the process, it's easier to ensure compliance with established standards such as ISO 9001. Furthermore, without an agile system, organizations may miss out on rapidly changing markets and the potential revenue or customers that come with it.

Introducing Manufacturing Change Control Management (MCCM), a powerful solution from Macedon Technologies that helps manufacturing and distribution organizations manage their change control requests, processes, data, and assignments through a centralized Appian system. MCCM is designed with scalability and flexibility in mind and is built to adhere to ISO 9001 standards for auditability and compliance.

The MCCM solution provides many advantages, notably leveraging Macedon's Stage and Gate application to efficiently manage change requests and processes. This includes:

  • Centralized information storage and reporting, allowing users to easily access and audit all change control items and associated data in one place

  • Task assignments, allowing users to assign and manage tasks related to the change control process

  • Auditing capabilities, allowing users to review and trace decisions associated with change requests

  • Flexible process creation and tailoring, allowing users to create and modify change control processes to suit their organizational needs.

With MCCM, organizations can customize Change Control processes to their needs - from defining stages and gates (decision points) to the participants involved in each process, their roles, permissions, and decision methods. Additionally, MCCM provides users access to out-of-the-box drillable dashboards with all the necessary information they need to take part in the process - ensuring all information related to Change Control items is stored in one place and accessible.

The result? Organizations can better align with changing market demands while increasing compliance with established standards like ISO 9001 - helping to guarantee that your organization remains competitive while delivering value to your customers.

It’s time to streamline your manufacturing change control process with MCCM - the ultimate solution for managing change requests in manufacturing operations. Contact us for more information on how to improve visibility into your process changes.


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