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Meet the New, Transformed Macedon

Why Rebrand?

2020 was a year full of challenges and changes. Between adjusting to a new work from home lifestyle and navigating how to cope in a world battling a global pandemic, it’s easy to let this chaos consume you. You may be thinking, why would you rebrand amid a global pandemic?

For over ten years, we have been a boutique Appian services provider. We are a leader in the Appian partner community and have always focused on solving our client’s most challenging problems with innovative solutions. In solving these challenges, we recognize that a broader toolset is sometimes required as part of a more comprehensive solution.

In the past year, we have expanded and developed expertise with the UiPath platform, along with becoming a UiPath Gold partner, to help us deliver a broader range of Intelligent Automation solutions.

This was an exciting first step in our strategy to hand-select leading technologies, develop the same deep expertise that we have with Appian, and leverage these technologies to deliver impactful solutions to our clients. Macedon 2.0 brings this suite of technologies to the table, and our brand needed to reflect that.

Hear from our Leader: What is Macedon 2.0?

Austin Rosenfeld, Founder & Chief Executive Officer

“Macedon 2.0 is about being a strategic partner for our clients. With over a decade of experience working with over 100 clients across industries, we have seen companies at various phases of their digital transformation journey. By connecting with organizations before they make any technology decisions, we can show how various technologies fit together and better guide and support their digital transformation initiatives. When it comes to implementation, we can leverage our hybrid roles and proven delivery methodologies, along with an expanded set of technologies, to deliver better solutions faster.”

A Closer Look at Our Rebranding Process

The rebranding process has a lot of levels to it. It’s fascinating, it’s challenging, it’s rewarding, and it’s a real period of discovery. Who we were and what our business goals were in 2009 are very different from where we are now in 2021 and where we want to go in the future.

We repoured our foundation and worked from the ground up. We revisited ideas from our beginning and reviewed the story of why Macedon began. During this recounting, we got to witness the evolution of our new brand. We had many meetings to discuss our company’s roots and honor Austin’s initial vision of the company while revealing something fresh and modern.

This logo was one of the first steps to creating Macedon 2.0. If you are familiar with Macedon 1.0, you know that the green torch was our signature. The torch has many meanings behind it. It is a symbol of enlightenment, hope, life, truth, power, and more. To us, the torch is a large representation of what and who we are. We are futurists, we are challengers, and we push the limits of what’s possible. The new torch for Macedon 2.0 is our signature symbol honoring the past, holding true to the present, and representing the future.

Macedon's Logo Evolution
Final Product

We learned that no matter what logo we decided on, the entire logo needed to stand strong on its own. Macedon can stand on its own because our foundation is strong, our work ethic is unparalleled, and our employees are top-notch. This process ignited a fire within us to use this new brand to elevate our work, evolve business solutions for our clients, and inspire our employees to grow in the midst of chaos. We never stop learning, and we push ourselves to improve every day. After all, our mission is to transform businesses by rethinking and evolving the way they work to disrupt the future.

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