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Many organizations have started to reap the benefits of staffing a BPA

Many organizations have started to reap the benefits of staffing a BPA on their Digital Transformation programs – has yours? BPAs, or Business Process Architects, are dedicated to simplifying change management and maximizing business value for your Digital Transformation programs. In short, a BPA could be the key to your organization catching up to and outrunning your competition.

What is a BPA?

A Business Process Architect (BPA) is a member of your team who focuses on getting the full value out of your solution. In order to capture your entire potential value, you need to ensure that you drive business adoption. After all, if no one uses your application, was it really a success? The change management required to get the business’ buy-in can often be tricky, especially for large and complex systems.

Macedon’s BPAs have deep experience in Digital Transformation, Technology, BPM, Lean, and Change Management. They come in early, before the development team, and stay with you after the project is completed to ensure that the business adopts the solution and realizes value. Your BPA will help you orchestrate all the moving parts of the business, stakeholders, technology teams, etc. Before development starts, the BPA will help your team get ready for your upcoming projects, ensuring that each team member is trained and confirming that the use case chosen will provide value to your business.

During development, your BPA will guide the Product Owner and mentor them through the process. Many Product Owners have either never participated in a project like this or were not provided best practices and instead had to figure it out on their own. Macedon’s BPAs are highly trained in Agile methodologies, such as Scrum and SAFe so that they can coach your team and make them as effective as possible in their roles. Your BPA can also provide one-on-one time with key stakeholders to walk through short, guided sessions in the application and capture feedback to ensure that the solution captures the business value they expect and thus drive adoption.

Macedon’s BPAs have seen many projects succeed or fail due to common indicators, so they proactively look for signs of these and act quickly. They keep you notified if they see trouble coming, suggest the best mitigation plan for your circumstance, and take action to get ahead of it right away. Some tools that Macedon’s BPAs use to stay ahead of issues and find pain points when your applications go live are gathering and tracking usage data, having quick interviews with users, and conducting surveys to assess disposition.

Why should I add another member to my team?

The BPA fills a role that is often missing entirely from Digital Transformation delivery teams. Many teams are missing change management expertise, agile and other methodology trainers, and a public-relations-type role to interface with users regularly. BPAs fill this role on successful Digital Transformation teams, where they help the team realize value from their solution.

In many cases, your BPA has more experience than other team members at looking at enterprise-level orchestration. They are used to crossing company-culture boundaries in order to push for adoption and get buy-in from the influencers across your organization. They also have time dedicated to doing this, which is crucial when projects get busy and time becomes constrained for many team members.

Your BPA provides knowledge from years of leading projects to success that they will employ to flag potential risks far before they become issues. They also present guidelines and best practices on successful rollouts and help tailor your program and change management plans to fit your corporate environment. Macedon’s Delivery Assurance Program, featuring a 50+ point project survey, has given us key indicators and common themes to success and failure that our BPAs actively look out for and mitigate. Very few organizations that take on Digital Transformation programs come close to the comprehensiveness and value gained from our Delivery Assurance Program.

Sounds like it’s worth it, now what?

Macedon is here to help. We would love to talk to you about how to best integrate a BPA into your team so that you can ensure you maximize value from your applications. There are several models for incorporating a BPA depending on the size of your team, accounting for the expertise you already have in-house and based on where you are in your Digital Transformation journey.

Get in touch with me or Stacey Wright, or reach out to to learn more about a BPA and how Macedon can bring this crucial role in to help you drive your program to greater success.

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