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Managing the Complexities of Returning Students in the Wake of COVID-19

Can colleges and universities mitigate the impact of the COVID-19, while starting to recover the benefits of campus life? Safety risks stemming from the virus have made campus accessibility a challenge. The life-changing student transitions and social benefits traditionally associated with college and university campus life are at risk. Administrations must also address finances squeezed by increased safety costs and the threat of decreasing enrollment, all while getting students back to campus safely and cost-effectively.

As colleges and universities prepare for students returning to campus classrooms and dorms, a common set of crucial challenges arise:

  • How do we effectively communicate and enforce safety policies?

  • How do we support students, faculty, and staff who need help?

  • How can we promote awareness of, and provide adequate responses to, safety-related incidents?

CampusPass™, a web and mobile-based application, offers a solution. The application centers around a simple, intuitive check-in process:

  • Students, faculty, and staff complete a simple daily questionnaire to receive a pass for campus entry for on-site screeners to scan on a phone or iPad.

  • Administrators see who has checked in to a given location on a given date, as well as questionnaire answers that indicate a risk of COVID-19.

How does CampusPass™ work for Students, Faculty, and Staff?

Before coming to campus each day, you simply fill out a questionnaire on your computer, phone, or device of your choice. The questionnaire asks where you are going as well as a few questions about your health and your possible exposure to COVID-19. After you submit the questionnaire, you get a message telling you that you are eligible to come to campus or advising you to stay home. If you are eligible to come to campus, you will get a pass that campus staff will scan to let you into class.

How does CampusPass™ work for Administrators?

As a CampusPass administrator, you will be alerted when a student, faculty, or staff member indicates that they tested positive for COVID-19. Based on the location and date they checked in, you can find everyone else who checked in to that location on the same date to reach out to them and advise them to get tested.

How can Macedon help you with CampusPass™?

As part of our standard deployment package, Macedon installs and supports the CampusPass™ application for you. While CampusPass™ already contains many useful features, we can also tailor the application to your specific environment and needs.

Reach out to our sales team ( to schedule a demo!

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