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Feedback Made Easy with Survey Samurai

While You Were Making Google Forms, We Were Studying the Blade.

Have you ever had an idea for your own dynamic Appian questionnaire, but didn’t have the time or resources to build it from scratch? Well, now you can--without writing a single line of code! Macedon Technologies is excited to share its newest innovative solution--Survey Samurai!

Survey Samurai leverages the Appian platform to create beautiful, intuitive surveys with extensive customization options such as data validation and conditional visibility. You can leverage Appian’s built-in task functionality to send surveys directly to people already in your Appian environment. Trying to reach a wider audience? Create and manage groups to send surveys in bulk with a single click.

Want to send surveys to your customers? No problem! Survey Samurai is compatible with Appian Portals, allowing people outside your Appian environment to submit responses.

Since Survey Samurai is built directly into your Appian platform, Survey Samurai responses can be accessed by your other applications to make data-based recommendations, capture user feedback and experience, intelligently assign tasks, and more. Survey Samurai also includes the ability to collaborate on surveys, view individual responses, and analyze aggregate trends across responses.

With this solution from Macedon, your organization can gather and analyze sensitive information while leveraging the tried-and-true security features of the Appian platform, eliminating vulnerabilities associated with other similar products, as well as the need to implement and maintain costly, complicated integrations.

Survey Samurai is available on Appian’s AppMarket. Please cotact us with any questions or to schedule a demo of Survey Samurai.


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