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Feedback Made Easy: Dynamic Question Surveys

Have you ever wanted to send out a survey directly from Appian? You’re not alone. Last year we realized how often we created question survey applications for clients. A question survey application is an application that includes functionality to store and retrieve questions from a database, assign questions to users per business requirements, and store and report on responses. To speed up this work, we decided to build an accelerator application that provides the framework for question surveys so that business-specific applications could leverage the accelerator application as a modular add-on.

Another reason? We found that multiple teams recreating the wheel can lead to incomplete applications. For instance, some survey applications did not include a survey creation module because clients opted to maintain the question set using external tools. But, we recognized the challenges of maintaining this type of approach, and we wanted to offer an alternative that was simultaneously easy to use and provided many features that were missing in external question management tools.

When we set out to create this accelerator application, we wrote down a list of “must-have” features for survey creation. First, we knew that we wanted to offer support for a full survey hierarchy – with pages, categories, and individual questions so that survey creators could organize their questions. We also wanted to offer a robust “trigger” system so that survey creators can specify when certain questions become visible. Finally, we wanted to provide a robust validation system so that survey creators can craft logic used to flag certain responses.

Our survey creation interface allows easy one-click navigation between any of the survey components using the outline (on the left in the screenshot!). And that trigger and validation system that I mentioned? Not only can survey creators choose from built-in trigger rules and validations, but to handle the more complex cases, we allow the logic to be custom-coded in the backend and associated with a particular question.

With the Dynamic Question Survey application, there is no longer a need to introduce third-party applications to poll your Appian-based workforce. Now one exists that is compatible with your infrastructure, given simple configuration. After all, no one wants to learn “late in the game” that they need a particular feature that their application doesn’t support!

Want to learn more about Dynamic Question Survey? Here is the product page on the Appian App Market. If you have any questions, contact us.

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