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Connect Material Supply Management (MSM) with SAP through MuleSoft

Material Supply Management (MSM) is a robust, flexible tool to facilitate the supply chains within the automotive and manufacturing industries. Now with the added power of MuleSoft, the MSM solution is able to source critical information from any of your external systems and show it directly in a unified Order record. With the addition of this powerful built-in integration, it’s now even easier to connect MSM to your ERP systems like SAP or Salesforce.

Building on the already powerful integration capabilities of Appian, MuleSoft allows for easy and rapid changes to integrations without sacrificing development hours or functionality. As a proven ESB technology, this Mulesoft add-on for MSM makes it easy to fit into any existing integration framework. As your business changes, you may need to add data sources or switch the source of data from a legacy system to a new system. The layered architecture that MuleSoft APIs are built upon makes it easy to do with minimal impact on your downstream workflows.

The ease of data modification brought about by MuleSoft APIs and its data manipulation language, DataWeave, simplifies the steps required for integration and modification. You can deploy and get value out of our accelerators quickly without needing to focus on building integrations from scratch. This saves your business time and money and greatly simplifies the complexity for your staff, allowing them to focus on impactful work rather than navigating systems and manual data entry.

Contact us for more information on how to connect Material Supply Management with any ERP swiftly and easily through the power of our Mulesoft integration.


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