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Macedon Technologies recognized as a Top Digital Transformation Service Company


Manufacturing Technology Insights magazine recognized the Top Digital Transformation Service Companies, and Macedon was among the top 10 for 2021.

Many industries are changing their business models to stay relevant in these unpredictable times. The Manufacturing sector is aiming to elevate its operations with digital transformation. However, automated workflows remain on the back burner for most. So, how can we use digital transformation to help them rethink their business and streamline operations? Macedon's Andrew Gramann, VP of Professional Services, gives insight into how we guide clients in their digital transformation journey by implementing Intelligent Automation (IA) solutions.

"Macedon provides tailored approaches to better serve our customers’ unique needs. The company understands the expectations and goals when working with customers who have already mapped out a plan for implementing IA solutions. When engaging with customers that do not have a clear idea of how to kick-start their digital transformation initiative, Macedon begins with a workflow performance assessment (WPA). The company meets with customers and provides current and future state process diagrams and mapping, highlighting what customers can do in the present (best practice-sourced solution) vs. what can be done with technology-based solutions like Appian or UiPath. And suddenly, the vision of a traditional manufacturing company turning ‘digital’ seems tangible."

Read the full article here.

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